Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Grill Master Mike

Alright, summer time + chicken + Mike = grilling time. So last night was the night for a summer tradition.

So Mike fired up the grill, broke out some of the new spices and got to work. Yesterday morning we had been talking about what sounded good for dinner. I said, what are you craving? He replies with "chicken." So what's better than summer time and chicken then BBQ chicken.

We had gone to the Farmer's Market on Saturday and picked up some needed and delicious spices. He got the garlic herb he was wanting and running low on and I picked up more sweet & smokey. He had some sweet and smokey (has a BBQ flavor) already and mixed with sirarchi sauce to create a wet rub.

Then he sliced some zucchini and yellow squash into beautiful discs and laid them out right on the grill to get some nice "tan" lines. He also prepared some asparagus with the garlic & herb spice and probably some butter but couldn't tell as it was in the foil and he forgot to photograph it ;) Trimmed asparagus and butter with the garlic herb seasoning all in foil and placed on the grill makes for tender but crisp deliciousness that is asparagus.

Oh well, it looked amazing. He said it was delicious. So I believe him. I've never eaten anything he's made that I didn't like. I like some more than others but that's true with my baking too and he'll say the same.