Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cake Adventures - France - Crepe Cake

Well now it's cake time. But this time it's time to make a different cake, unconventional and different.

I found the recipe here at The Little Epicurean. She has some fabulous recipes. I found this while scrolling through food blogs and trying to find something new and different to try. This looked challenging and yet simple enough. 

The crepes were harder to make then I thought. The first three fell apart and were just kind of meh. Tasted good. :) They were the tester crepes, haha. Once I got in the groove of swirling the pan as well as getting the bottom just brown it went pretty fast. I, however, could not seem to flip the crepes. So I ended up just cooking them a bit longer on the one side. If I tried to flip them they started to tear and fall apart. Not sure what I was doing wrong. Will probably just buy crepes next time and not go through the cooking hassle. One of few things I will buy in the baked world. (There are very few things I will not make myself) Maybe with practice I could perfect the crepes.

The pastry creme is absolutely fantastic! I think that was my favorite part. But it only got better. I had to make whipped cream. Which in and of itself I enjoy. This particular recipe called for Kirsch, German for "cherry water" is a clear, colorless fruit brandy traditionally  made from double distillation of morello cherries, a dark-colored cultivar of the sour cherry (thank you Wikipedia). I, however, used triple sec. It's what I had on hand and actually tasted quite nice with the slight orange flavoring. So I would say if you don't have Kirsch or don't want to go buy it, use a lightly flavored fruity liquor.

So once the pastry creme was chilled and the whipped cream made I had to fold them together to make the most wonderful part, I think, of this cake.

Now to assemble. You layer a crepe and then the filling and continue until you have 20 layers of crepes with filling in between each. Go see The Little Epicurean for more details on the process. Here are the pics.

Definitely not pretty but most recipe pictures are staged anyway ;) It tastes good, now to get rid of it on some friends.