Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Busy Weekenders Sandwich Love

Soooo forgot to post this on Friday when we had this. We had a full weekend of hanging with friends and a wedding to attend followed by more hanging out with friends and more on Sunday. So, we hardly cooked with as busy as we were but after going to the gym on Friday together and burning off what we had eaten the night before (empty stomachs) we decided on some simple sandwiches.

Ham and cheese!
Side view
Was hungry obviously if a bite is taken before the photo.
You can see Sarah's toes.
So we made some ham and cheese with just some basic brown sugar, store bought ham luncheon meat.

But this is no ordinary ham and cheese. We used hoagie rolls  (Sara Lee) and toasted them in a pan with the homemade jalapeno cheddar butter that Sarah had made with those cute heart shaped biscuits earlier. So, toasted up the bread on the inside with the butter, makes the bread taste like it's had cheddar cheese baked into it almost. Had a very mild kick as the jalapenos used were canned.

From there the bread had the meat and cheese added (Sarah had her slice of cheese in the middle between the meat, Mike did his on the outside of the meat on both sides.) But you can do what you like.

Once the bread was filled it was toasted on both sides, much like grilled cheese. Then it was time to add our lovely mango slices and kiwi slices to the plate and kickback and relish in our hard work from the gym and relax before mini golf that afternoon. (Sarah beat Mike by 3 strokes, just FYI, hehe)

We didn't cook dinner that night since we went to the Slavic Fest and had some sausages and such there.

So the next day we didn't cook at all since we didn't wake up till 12 and then went out to lunch for Mike's birthday. Hit up the golf course grill. Not bad. After that we just relaxed and enjoyed the day until we had to get ready to go to the wedding. We then had delicious food there. Brisket, pulled pork, cheesy potatoes, veggies, fruit, chocolate strawberries and a really moist and delicious wedding cake. Yum, wedding cake is probably the best cake on the planet. Of course after the wedding and reception we went out and hung out with friends and had a blast then stayed up until the wee hours of the morning before actually going to bed.

Sunday we swam and Mike helped our friend with his deck and gutter. We always eat well at their house. Prior to getting there we stopped at subway and split a sub. Of course dinner was pretty delicious. Our friends live on a farm so they raise their meat and our food has a name. Mike had "Bacon Bits" (that's the pigs name) ham steaks, little Tricia had "Oreo" (the cow) steak. I ate chicken that was from Sam's Club. Haha! It was a smorgasbord. We discovered covering snap peas in taco seasoning or ranch seasoning. DE-LICIOUS. Those things were gone in a matter of minutes. Veggies are a big thing there. Lots of fresh veggies, all the time.

Great weekend, just not a cooking weekend. More of a foodie weekend.