Sunday, June 3, 2012

Grillin' Time

Tonight we grilled out. Despite the weather having difficulty making up its mind to rain or not.

It held off enough that we could definitely grill out.

The menu tonight was:
--jalapeño and pepper jack burgers
--grilled onion rings
--grilled peach quarters
--German potato salad
--fresh fruit salad.

Big menu, yes. Delicious, yes.

This morning we headed out to find the fruit we wanted to use. We went to the local Italian market and got pineapple, kiwi, cantaloupe, and strawberries. We then ran around town trying to find onion which, for whatever reason, was impossible to find loose yellow onion. So back to the market we went after purchasing the bacon, vinegar and beef.

Mike of course did most of the vegetable and fruit chopping, he has a new knife now that is specifically for vegetable chopping. He started to get the hang of it. Still a bit unsure of the new knife as it is a different style than a chefs knife.

While he prepared the fruit salad I began preparations on the potato salad, which I have no recipe for. It's just something you watch generations of family members make and you just know by look and taste. A little of this, a pinch of that, a squirt of this.

Basic recipe is:
5 lbs potatoes (mom uses russet, we used red)
1 small bottle cider vinegar
3/4 pkg bacon, diced
1 onion diced
Spicy brown mustard
Garlic powder
Cornstarch or flour for thickening

Boil and peel potatoes, cut into bite sized pieces.

Fresh boiled and cut up potatoes, red potatoes. Easiest to peel after boiling. Skin peels right off with your hand.
Cook bacon and onion down until bacon is slightly crisp and onions translucent. Then add a nice squirt of spicy brown mustard, dash of garlic powder and then add a healthy portion of cider vinegar. After that, mix in watered down flour or cornstarch to mixture until thickened slightly.

Vinegar/Bacon/Onion sauce
Slice up boiled and peeled potatoes into bite sized pieces. Pour vinegar mix on top. Put in oven at 300 degrees for up to 40 min and then serve.

German Potato Salad fresh from the oven
The burgers were pepper jack cheese, shredded up, dice jalapeño and then an egg for binding purposes as well as worstershire (sp?) sauce and basic seasoning.

Action shot, Mike's favorite

Grilled peaches had a dash of sea salt and the grilled onions were seasoned with Tony Chachere's creole seasoning and a squirt of olive oil.

Grilled peaches, white peaches, surrounding the grilled deliciousness of onion
All in all it was a great dinner. As usual. Had a minor injury prepping the peaches. The pit was not cooperating and so in my desperate attempt to quarter this peach I had the misfortune of the knife slipping and cutting my finger. (picture included. There is blood)

Injured finger, right ring finger
everything is better with a band-aid
So despite the injury and stubborn peach we had a successful dinner with juicy and flavorful burgers, hot potato salad and delicious fruit.


Now we are both stuffed to the brim and going to digest while watching a movie.
Final Product, fruit salad included here, on top of the peaches. YUMM!!