Thursday, May 31, 2012

What we do

We are Mike and Sarah. We love to eat and cook. So we decided we should start a blog of the things we cook together. We find that we make some pretty awesome food when we put our heads together and put the idea to work.

This is where we will clue you in on what we do. Cooking and ideas. We will even include recipes where we can and as long as we remember to. ;) we are busy so if there is a lag in posts that would be why.

So to start off our recipe/cooking posts we made roast Monday. Oh so delicious. Tender, juicy and the spice mix Mike created at the farmers market was spot on. Smoky, flavorful and a little kick at the end. We enjoyed that with green beans that had a garlic herb spice (also from the farmers market) then we had the potatoes, carrots and onions from the pan we roasted in. Just a fantastic dinner to the end of a holiday weekend.

Mike did all the chopping, that is probably his favorite part of cooking. He has excellent knife skills. I help out with what I can, giving the temp and time things should cook as well as helping prep things that he isn't currently chopping up ;)

When all is said and done we end up with a fantastic dinner. We also then have a dinner where we sit on the couch and high five each other for a job well done as well as moan about how good it was and the fact that we ate too much. Ha! In the end we have enjoyed ourselves and look forward to many more food adventures. Here is our roast and veggies.