Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baking Trial and Error

So here's the thing, I (Sarah), bake for the co-workers A LOT. They are kind of like my own personal guinea pigs. Well, for most things I would say. Some things are best tried by those closest and dear to you (Mike and Gooey Butter Cupcakes). So for co-workers birthdays, that have allowed us to do the little party thing for them on or near their birthday get a cake or cupcakes from me. Usually basic and typically with their name piped on it in a very simple fashion as I have yet to get the piping set and some more training from my mother (who makes the occasional cake for weddings).

So in my eagerness to make something lovely for a co-worker, whom I work pretty close with and deal with the stupidest things, I tried a new recipe with a limited few hours to do so. Had everything gone according to recipe and plan I would have had gorgeous cupcakes to show for it. However, things did not and I had this to show for it:

At least the coca-cola guy in the back is happy.
*Sigh* They would have been fabulous, light and fluffy white cake with a sweet and dense yellow cake topped with a delectable pineapple fluff frosting. But alas they turn out this way and had a weird tinny and chemical taste. *blech* So, file 13 for them and the recipe. I was not impressed and frankly I did everything according to the recipe. Letting eggs sit for 30 min and fluffing to egg whites to just so, making sure there was no water in the bowl or near the egg whites. Well, this is part of baking. You win some you lose some. So at 10:30 last night, after working out and baking a labor intensive set of 12 cupcakes I began my endeavor of a basic cake that could be whipped up quickly.

I was chatting with Mike when all this happened, he suggested "You can always buy a cake." Um, yeah, no. 1. That's cheating, 2. My co-workers expect homemade baked goods.

Mixing as fast as possible to get done before  the stroke of 12.
So mixing furiously and with a goal in mind, not really having to think about this recipe as it's a basic cake. Not really a yellow cake but not white either. Delicious either way. Kind of reminds me of pound cake mixed with yellow cake.

I did, however, cheat on the frosting the next day. I stopped at the store and picked up a can of chocolate fudge icing as I didn't want to stay up longer to make butter cream. I would have had to wait for the butter to thaw and such. By the time this puppy came out of the oven my kitchen was hot and so was I on top of being exhausted. So yes I did buy something. In the end the birthday girl was happy and half the cake was gone by the end of the workday. All in all not bad, just too long of a night for baking and experimenting. Early to bed tonight I think. (click here for the recipe of the final cake)