Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Yesterday was tragic on all levels.

I had a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that someone would terrorize a marathon. The fact that my sport has now been terrorized makes me angry. This was a day for rejoicing, breaking your personal best times and uniting together from nations across the globe to one purpose. A time honored tradition in the heart of Boston.

I'm the runner of the blog and I ran my heart out for Boston yesterday after work. Today I will again, I don't care how sore I get or if I'm tired, if it's raining or shining. I'm going to run every day for those affected. I will not be terrorized. I will not let this shake me or my sport.

You have to remember that fear is what this was meant to create. Fear to go out, be who you are, and live your life. You cannot do that. You cannot let fear consume you. You have to stand up and push forward. You have to look fear in the eye and take it head on and push past it.

Terrorist (foreign or domestic) want to create mass fear and chaos. Don't let them. Don't be afraid to go to your upcoming races, gatherings, meetings, trips, and vacations. That is exactly what you should do. Keep living life.

I am sending thoughts and prayers to all the victims, the families of the victims, the runners, and all the first responders. Those people who ran TO the scene instead of from it. Those people who saw more carnage than anyone should ever see. I want to hug them all.

I can just hear certain song lyrics running through my head

"Justice will be served and the battle will rage, this bog dog will fight when you rattle his cage."
"And justice is the one thing you should always find, you've got to saddle up your boys, you've got to draw a hard line."

I pray justice is served to those responsible.

RunJunkees.com created this amazing picture to be used as a race bib, a second if you're running. I will run with this all week. I will also make a shirt for my Warrior Dash run next weekend.


Today I'm wearing a race shirt for Boston, I am also dedicating every run this month to Boston.