Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dinner and a Movie

Well, this weekend was a fantastically fun weekend filled with friends and pampering. Pampering on my part due to the pedicure and tanning that I did. Well I guess Mike getting a massage from me here and there is pampering too ;)

So this weekend after going out on Saturday and spending time with friends and shopping we chose to take it easy Sunday.

Sunday morning we went out for breakfast at Village Inn, man it was packed, guess we hit the early church crowd. Then we went off to the outdoor mall nearby to go to Adidas, Nike, and Under Armor in search of shorts, shirts, shoes and sports bras. Haha, yeah odd combo, actually I didn't buy anything. Mike got all the goodies there. Then we stopped off at Cabela's to look at knives and guns.

Coming home after we decided to pick up ingredients for lobster stir fry. Mmmmm, yes lobster stir fry.

So before making dinner, as it was only 3pm when we got home we decided to hit up the theater to see the movie "Ted." It was funny, not, laugh your ass off for 2 hours funny, but funny - good entertainment to take your mind off the world for 2 hours. But I would say, save $8-$10 and rent it when it comes to DVD.

After the movie we came back and started prep work on the vegetables. At my house I don't have the nice fancy knives like Mike does. I have one decent chefs knife, which Mike gave me, which he used to slice and dice up the veggies we bought.

The handsome knife master
Fresh Veggies ready for stir fry

We used the following:
Asparagus - one bunch
Red Onion - half a medium
White Mushrooms - 1 - 8oz pkg
Sugar Snap Peas - 1 good grand handful
Red Bell Pepper - 1 medium

Then we bought 1 pkg of imitation lobster meat - since actual lobster meat is expensive and I would be of no use if we bought live or even "dead" lobster that we would have to cook. It looks like an underwater bug - *shivers* eewww creepy. Delicious but creepy looking. *shudders*

Of course when we got the veggies all chopped and ready Mike asked, "where is your big frying pan?" I pointed to the cabinet at the end of my kitchen and said "in there." He goes over and pulls out, what I call, my big frying pan. He asks in a bit of a confused tone "this is your big frying pan?" I blinked and just said, yes. Of course it is, for me that's big. Mind you I have this old pots and pans set that is from 2007 and has been used and abused and came out of a Wal-Mart brand box set. Not the best pans but not the worst. Of course my "big" frying pan is probably what most would call medium. I can understand this since I can't say my cookware is of high quality - I value my bake-ware a bit more. I'm working on it. Soooo, in the awkward silence that followed my "yes, that's my big frying pan." I took his silence and questioning looks at my "big" pan as - this isn't going to work very well. So I said, we can go get a bigger one. Target it just right across the road. So off we went and brought home a fabulous new addition to my kitchen. A T-Fal 5-quart sauce/frying pan with two handles one short and one long and with a beautiful glass lid. Ahhhhh the beauty and fun of a new toy for the kitchen.

Veggies in the new pan
Veggies sauteing in olive oil (EVOO)
Making your mouth water huh?

And then to serve we cooked up some brown rice, not the minute kind mind you - this is why our veggies look a bit lack luster in the final photo, because we didn't manage our time and cooked the rice at the same time we cooked the veggies - oh well, lesson learned. It still tasted good just didn't look as pretty as we had anticipated.

Final Product - not as bright but still delish

I would call this a success, wasn't something we oooed and aaahhed over but was still a great idea and satisfied that part of us that wanted veggies and seafood. I ended up adding more salt, regardless of the fact that there was a good bit of soy sauce in it (mind you it was low sodium). Mike ended up adding more sirachi hot sauce to his - cleared his sinuses at least once by getting a good bite of it on a forkful.

Stir-Fry is a fun and easy way to throw together a bunch of different ingredients that appeal to you. Try different veggies, different meats, different sauces. Teriyaki, Tabasco, tomato, cheese, Alfredo. Whatever you like.

Allez Cuisine!